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We present a collection of easy mandalas to color. If you are tired of difficult mandalas, if you are looking for easy to print mandalas or easy mandalas for kids, you are in the right place.

Mandalas that are easy to make

Here you will find a selection of easy mandalas for kids, divided into different categories:

  • For Kids: easy designs for kids, suitable for their age, with simple lines and geometric shapes.
  • Of flowers and hearts: favorite designs of many girls.
  • Animals of all kinds.

We show you how to make them and also offer mandalas to paint with watercolor, marker or pencil.

Easy to print mandalas for children.

Easy to print mandalas

We leave you with a great step by step tutorial to help you paint beautiful and easy mandalas very easily.

If you want more mandalas below, you have them sorted by categories.

easiest head mandala
easiest head mandala


Easy flower mandalas

Beautiful flowers are one of the most popular themes for little ones. In fact, they like flowers that are easy to draw. These easy flowers will definitely appeal to them.

mandalas to paint colors and meditate


Meaning of easy mandalas

Coloring a simple mandala is, despite the lack of difficulty, an excellent activity to relax and focus on a task. This simple coloring exercise increases concentration.

mandalas to paint colors and meditate


The meaning of mandalas is related to the figure they represent inside. If it is an animal, the meaning will be in accordance with the attributes, characteristics and values that we socially give to this animal.

mandalas to paint in colors


Easy mandalas for cats

There is always a special section for the most independent of our pets. Here are some easy cat designs that you can print and color.

easy mandala cat
mandalas to paint in colors and meditate


Easy animal mandalas

Are you looking for an easy animal mandala, an easy butterfly to draw, easy love drawings?

Here are some of the easiest ones we have selected for you.

If you are also looking for easy people drawings (especially for kids), here are some that will serve you well.

easy animal mandala

How to make an easy mandala

Some people may think that drawing or coloring a simple mandala is something exclusively for children. The truth is, it’s not much easier to do than a regular one.

If you’re struggling with drawing, we recommend choosing designs that are easy to draw.

how to mandala

How to make simple mandalass

Mandala coloring pages can sometimes be complicated. Just draw simple pictures, easy flowers, easy fish or cute mandalas to start feeling the benefits of this activity.

Simple mandalas with easy designs, here are some designs to color, all at beginner level.

how to make a flower mandala

Easy heart mandala

Among the mandalas for kids to print, hearts are a very popular motif for many girls and adults. In this case, you can see images of easy hearts that will allow you to color them without any complications.

easy heart mandala

Easy owl mandala

The wisdom that conveys the look of the owl is reflected in any kind of design in which it is represented. Check out these owl images and choose the owl in the shape you like.

mandalas to paint in colors and meditate


Easy mandalas to color

Here you will find simple mandalas that you can color. With a little patience and time, you can bring your mind to a perfect resting place. Find a of the shape you need, print it out and color it.

Try coloring mandalas and you won’t regret it.

mandalas to paint colors and meditate


Easy pencil drawings

You can paint mandalas or drawings, in fact, it’s not so much the outline that matters as the attitude you adopt when practicing this practice.

Mandalas are a perfect option if you are looking for easy pencil drawings.

What matters is your state of peace and tranquility. Remember: no stress when coloring, take your time.

easu circle mandala

This collection of images is perfect option if you are looking for easy pencil drawings. There is no doubt that many of these easy drawings will be very useful to you.